Ovando, Montana
in the heart of the Blackfoot River Valley in West Central Montana

Trixi's Antler Saloon And Family Diner

Ovando's best known landmark is Trixi's, a diner and bar named after the former trick rider, roper and show girl who bought it in the 1950's. Trixi's has a far-reaching reputation as a real Montana bar.

Trixi McCormick Trixi's owners
Cindy and Ray Francis

Currently owned by Ray and Cindy Francis, Trixi's is a place of delightful contrasts. It sits atop the hill overlooking Ovando, but at the bottom of the breathtaking Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wildernesses. The bar comes with its tractor seat stools, but it sits along side the newly refurbished dining room. It exists in the 21st century, but when you enter you suspect you've stepped back into the early 20th century.

Trixi's circa 1950's Trixi's bar area

The menu includes the whole lot from 32 ounce T-Bones to Veggie Burgers and everything else in-between, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Take a break at Trixis where you can listen to a local rancher visit with a couple from Germany bicycling to Alaska. You can see the dance floor sway and bend with the crowd at the 3rd of July dance. You can hear the whistle of the wind and the hum of the snow machines coming across the flats in winter.

Interior with dining,
pool and dance floor
The dining room

Trixi's is a place of delightful contrasts with one exception, the atmosphere is always warm, friendly and inviting. In fact we are sure if Trixi's would have been here Lewis and Clark would have stayed!! Good food. Good drinks. Good friends. All of us at Trixi's look forward to meeting you. You can contact Ray and Cindy at Trixis at (406) 793-5611.