Ovando, Montana
in the heart of the Blackfoot River Valley in West Central Montana


Jerry and Martha Swanson offer the exquisite SwanWoods collection of laminated salad bowls and vessels. Each bowl is by its nature unique, a one of a kind artistic combination of domestic and exotic hardwoods. We use no stains or dyes; all colors are naturally in the wood. Our finish is a food safe blend of resins and oils designed for many years of trouble free use. We include an attractive care card with each bowl.

It is a trademark of our bowls that we engrave each one with our signature, the date, and the names of the woods used to create it's unique design. On special orders we are happy to add a personal inscription which imparts special meaning to the piece. The medium open bowl is the most popular wedding and anniversary gift.

The SwanWoods line consists of three series of salad bowls: an open series, a deep series, and an entertainment series. In addition we offer one of a kind non-functional art pieces on a limited basis.


Martha starting a new project
Jerry & Martha Swanson
and their creations
Jerry Swanson putting
on finishing touches

We live and work at 356 Woodworth Road, also known by locals as the Kozy Korner Road. In Ovando, our location is known by the name of who owned the place before you. Therefore, we live at the old Mannix ranch, and before that it was the Blackfoot Indian fall hunting grounds for elk and buffalo. Our SwanWoods gallery is an old railroad car from the original Blackfoot Railroad, Car B6, which was brought up to serve as a schoolhouse for Mildred Mannix when she was an elementary school student. If you wish to visit, just drive up the Kozy Korner road, as though you were going up to Leo's for a steak, until you see a railroad car in our front yard; it would be hard to miss. Otherwise our phone is 1.800.222.6957 or 406.793.5706 and our website is www.swanwoods.com.

The old box car shipping center The 100 year old working cabins