Ovando, Montana
in the heart of the Blackfoot River Valley in West Central Montana

The Stray Bullet Café

Welcome to The Stray Bullet in Ovando, Montana. I am proud to be a 5th generation family from the Blackfoot Valley. This valley is a remarkable example of landowners, neighbors and sportsmen working together to show our pride and respect for this landscape. We make every effort to use local products and businesses to help sustain our community by providing quality service and a taste of the west.

To the locals, I thank you for your support, and to those of you passing through, we hope you enjoy your stay and spend some time exploring this one of a kind community.

Colleen Zoe Stone, Family & Friends

Where the name The Stray Bullet comes from:

In the late 1800’s once stood a saloon providing drinks to the cowboys who ranched the land of the Blackfoot Valley. Usually on Friday or Saturday night, things would get out of hand. Bar room brawls erupted, pistols were drawn and fired. Sometimes the unlikely cowboy may take a graze in the shoulder or if he were really lucky the shooter would miss his target completely and have a “stray bullet”. One of those stray bullets remains immortalized in the cafe's wall.

What The Stray Bullet provides:

Open in the summer daily from 7am - 3pm. Seasonal hours may vary.


"Rumor has it we can be bribed to serve breakfast anytime."


"We aim to please so don't feel shy about letting us know if you have a
special request."

Giddy Up 'n' Go Menu

"Whether you have been in the field haying, been casting flies on the Blackfoot or have company coming and no time to cook, we have a casserole that will save the day. Order at least 24 hours ahead of time and you can refrigerate and pop in the oven when you need it."

Beer and Wine available.